Open your image library. How many of the thousands of your photographs, you would choose to print and frame? How many of your best memories are packaged a compressed in digital files, lost in a smartphone? How many of the emotions that you wanted to remember are locked inside a small, blurry, move and loveless photo? DaDi Photos site is dedicated to those who do not want to mortify their memories, their emotions, to those who, in this world of smartphones, social and chat, still believe that photography can be moved, exite, mind…

About me


Passionate about photography for more than 10 years Daniele Dimiccoli, alias DaDi Photos, has visited most of Italy and over, collecting slices of nature, culture and history. He detailed various themes, from nature photography and landscape to portrait. Stopping to observe in detail the daily life of each of us. In the photograph he is inspired by the emotion, the passion that men and women have, especially towards the family, traditions and nature.


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